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Hen Dos and Don'ts

Hello to all you,

Hen party planning can seem quite daunting if you are not to sure where to start.  I have listed some do's and donts to try and help you along the way.  

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·        DO ask for help

Hen party planning can be time consuming and asking for some help doesn’t mean you are not up to the task and some of the other Hens might want to join in and help organise. 

·        DON’T invite whoever you want

 Ask the bride to be for a rough guest list of whom she would love to be there.   This will help you think about what sort of Hen party you would like to plan i.e. if she wants the mum, aunts and grandmother there she may not want a stripper or anything too far out there. 

If this is the case, you may want to think about a separate little gathering for mum, aunts and grandmother, this could just be a meal and a few drinks nearer the big day. 

·        DO sort out a budget

This is often the awkward part of hen party planning, but once you’ve got your guest list sorted, you can usually make a good guess as to how much people will want to pay.  Some Hens a bit younger may have more cash to splash whereas Hens with children and other commitments might be on more of a tighter budget.

·        DO make sure everyone is happy to join in

 Knowing the bride and Hens doesn’t mean they will want to do everything you may have planned.  Its always best to check, maybe send out all the ideas (leaving the bride out) and get everyone to take a little vote, you wont be able to please everyone but it will help in making the atmosphere better on the day without anyone feeling uncomfortable.

·        DO set up a group chat to keep everyone in the loop

 Whether it’s WhatsApp or good, old Facebook; get the Hens — minus the bride-to-be — included in a group message. This takes away all the stress that you’ve forgotten to personally tell somebody about a price or change of time, and it gives the hens a chance to get to know each other before the big event.

·        DO arrange fun games

This can be a number of things to break the ice and get everyone in the party spirit.

- Pin the tail on the male

- Dress the bride using toilet paper

- Prosecco pong

These are just a few, I'm sure you will already have a few more in mind 😉

·        DON’T forget a camera

Capturing the fun along the way is a must, you can always make a scrap book for the bride to be as a keep sake or just share the photos with the Hen party on a Facebook group. 

·        DO check transport for everyone

You may need to book transport, so think about numbers and book in advance, always mention at the time of booking that it is a Hen Do as some companies may not cater for this sort of event.  Some of your Hens might also be travelling from further afield so always check they are happy to make their own way or see if they need any help.

·        DON’T choose to leave out surprises

 Decorate the venue with balloons, banners and table accessories before she arrives, or get everyone to wear fancy dress and surprise her with her own outfit to add some fun into one of her final nights of freedom.

·        DON’T leave booking until the last minute

Many places need plenty of time to cater for larger groups and also require deposits, so set clear deadlines for confirmations and payments with your Hens — you don’t want to demand a big deposit with only a few days to pay it.

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Thank you for reading and good luck with all your planning!!