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Wedding Favours

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This weeks blog is Wedding Favours.

It is almost every bride’s dream to have a totally unique day that she will be able to relive throughout both her and her husband’s life. Having the ability to pick out and choose individual pieces to adjust your wedding day’s layout or theme is brilliant, allowing you to add a personal touch to your special day.  

As we know weddings are already very expensive and buying little gifts for every guest can easily get out of hand.  A saving tip from me would be to use your favours as names places for your wedding breakfast.  These can be anything from Sweets and Chocolate to little bottles of Alcohol or even a little grow your own seed gift.  These can all be tailored to the theme of your day with names and even with a little Thank You as well. 

 You could even go all out and make your own, be creative, bake some cookies and wrap them up in little coloured bags to match your theme and print a little label.  Make some chocolate hearts and wrap in gold foil, add a name tag as the name place.

 At the end of the day its your big day and no matter what you choose it will be an awesome day, one that family and friends will never forget.

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