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Finding your wedding photographer - Part 2

Afternoon Guys,

Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend!

As promised here is Part 2 of finding your wedding photographer - Top 10 questions to ask

1. Availability for your wedding date

2. Do you offer an engagement shoot so we can get to know you and your style?

3. Packages and prices, what they include and are they flexible? (i.e. you may only want half day coverage but their package is full day coverage and do they have a second shooter)

4. Have you ever photographed a wedding at my venue before and if not would they be visiting the venue before the big day to look at photo opportunities and the surroundings?

5. What is your photography style?

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6. Wedding sets, can we give you a list of specific photos we would like on the day?

7. Do you have a back up photographer for illness or emergencies?

8. How much deposit is required and when is final balance required by?

9. How will I receive my images and how long after the wedding will I receive these?

10. Are you insured?

I do hope you have found these questions useful




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