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Finding your wedding photographer

Finding the right photographer for you is very important, it is your big day and you want your memories to last a lifetime.

When looking for a photographer have in mind what style you would like whether it be contemporary and posed or if you would prefer the candid style.  

Being a photographer myself I always prefer to be on the other side of the lens, I'm not a big fan of having my photo taken however the photographer we chose made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. 

Most photographers offer an engagement shoot, you may not want one at the time but i would highly recommend this as you get to know the photographer and their style before you confirm your booking.  You wouldn't want to book them and then on your big day feel stressed and uncomfortable having your photos taken and just not liking them as a person. 

Ask them all about the packages they offer and if they can be tailored to your requirements, as every wedding is different. You may not want full day coverage, you may only want half day. 

I went with full day as I wanted pictures of my hair and make up being done and the little detailed shots of the jewellery and shoes etc, but every bride is different and has their own ideas of what they would like.

The photographer will want to go through the timings of your wedding day, this will help them in planning the photo's and how much time he has between each event of the day.

Check out the next edition where I will list a number of questions to ask your photographer to make sure you have everything covered.