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Choosing your Wedding Dress

Choosing my wedding dress was the most exciting and the most daunting day for me...

After getting engaged i used to sit with my phone and look at all the beautiful dresses out there but one thing that sat in the back of my mind was my weight and size.  All these dresses i was looking at were on models who were at least a size 8-10 and me being a size 22 i knew they just wouldn't fit right. 

I thought to myself,  i have a year and a half until my wedding day so lets try and shift the weight, so i upped my gym sessions and tried loads of diets and i wasn't seeing the results i had wanted, sure my shape changed a little from the gym exercise but not as much a i had hoped, but at least it was a start.

Being on the larger side was so daunting for me when looking where to go and try on dresses, as i know from some friends previous experiences they didn't cater for the larger girl.  I found that emailing Dress shops before deciding where to go helped me as at least i then knew if they could cater for me ahead of time.

I found a lovely dress shop called Wow Prom who sell Prom/Bridesmaids dresses and a lovely range of Wedding dresses too.  I took my mum and one of my best friends Laura with me, i knew they would give me their honest opinion and lets be honest who doesn't enjoy some girly time.  We arrived at Wow Prom to be met by Kate who straight away put me at ease, she was so lovely and accommodating.  Dress number one agreed by all in the room was a definite no and this was similar to one style i had thought would be nice.  Dress number two, at first glance i didn't like it, Mum and Laura said it was the one,  i really didn't believe them.  I tried it on and i was utterly surprised i loved it.  I felt like a princess, it was ivory in colour and had a corset back and sparkles.  Needless to say i said YES to the dress!

If i have taken one lesson from this experience its that yes everyone comes in different shapes and sizes BUT everyone is beautiful in their own special way and your family and friends love you for who you are. 

Enjoy shopping for your beautiful dress and no matter what just be true to yourself!