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Hen Dos and Don'ts

Hello to all you,

Hen party planning can seem quite daunting if you are not to sure where to start.  I have listed some do's and donts to try and help you along the way.  

Hen picture.JPG

·        DO ask for help

Hen party planning can be time consuming and asking for some help doesn’t mean you are not up to the task and some of the other Hens might want to join in and help organise. 

·        DON’T invite whoever you want

 Ask the bride to be for a rough guest list of whom she would love to be there.   This will help you think about what sort of Hen party you would like to plan i.e. if she wants the mum, aunts and grandmother there she may not want a stripper or anything too far out there. 

If this is the case, you may want to think about a separate little gathering for mum, aunts and grandmother, this could just be a meal and a few drinks nearer the big day. 

·        DO sort out a budget

This is often the awkward part of hen party planning, but once you’ve got your guest list sorted, you can usually make a good guess as to how much people will want to pay.  Some Hens a bit younger may have more cash to splash whereas Hens with children and other commitments might be on more of a tighter budget.

·        DO make sure everyone is happy to join in

 Knowing the bride and Hens doesn’t mean they will want to do everything you may have planned.  Its always best to check, maybe send out all the ideas (leaving the bride out) and get everyone to take a little vote, you wont be able to please everyone but it will help in making the atmosphere better on the day without anyone feeling uncomfortable.

·        DO set up a group chat to keep everyone in the loop

 Whether it’s WhatsApp or good, old Facebook; get the Hens — minus the bride-to-be — included in a group message. This takes away all the stress that you’ve forgotten to personally tell somebody about a price or change of time, and it gives the hens a chance to get to know each other before the big event.

·        DO arrange fun games

This can be a number of things to break the ice and get everyone in the party spirit.

- Pin the tail on the male

- Dress the bride using toilet paper

- Prosecco pong

These are just a few, I'm sure you will already have a few more in mind 😉

·        DON’T forget a camera

Capturing the fun along the way is a must, you can always make a scrap book for the bride to be as a keep sake or just share the photos with the Hen party on a Facebook group. 

·        DO check transport for everyone

You may need to book transport, so think about numbers and book in advance, always mention at the time of booking that it is a Hen Do as some companies may not cater for this sort of event.  Some of your Hens might also be travelling from further afield so always check they are happy to make their own way or see if they need any help.

·        DON’T choose to leave out surprises

 Decorate the venue with balloons, banners and table accessories before she arrives, or get everyone to wear fancy dress and surprise her with her own outfit to add some fun into one of her final nights of freedom.

·        DON’T leave booking until the last minute

Many places need plenty of time to cater for larger groups and also require deposits, so set clear deadlines for confirmations and payments with your Hens — you don’t want to demand a big deposit with only a few days to pay it.

bride to be image.JPG

Thank you for reading and good luck with all your planning!!


Long time no see....

Hello my lovely followers,

Yes it has been a while….and there is good reason for this 😊

There have been a lot of exciting things going on in the world of SNJ Imaging, meeting new clients and lots of engagement shoots, we are super excited for 2019 already!!


I have also started selling a range of Bridesmaids dresses, this took me a while to ponder over but thought photography and Bridesmaids dresses we think they kind of go hand in hand, adding a little extra help for all of my brides to be if they are in need of some beautiful dresses for their big day.  JB’s Boutique is now up and running head on over to check out all the latest dresses and offers available

Over the next few weeks I will be back to posting my blogs on ideas and tips for all your wedding needs. 

Next Issue – Hen do’s, what to do and how to make it affordable for everyone.

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Thanks for reading

Much Love Jo x

Wedding Favours

Hi Guys,

Hope your enjoying the sunshine this weekend!

This weeks blog is Wedding Favours.

It is almost every bride’s dream to have a totally unique day that she will be able to relive throughout both her and her husband’s life. Having the ability to pick out and choose individual pieces to adjust your wedding day’s layout or theme is brilliant, allowing you to add a personal touch to your special day.  

As we know weddings are already very expensive and buying little gifts for every guest can easily get out of hand.  A saving tip from me would be to use your favours as names places for your wedding breakfast.  These can be anything from Sweets and Chocolate to little bottles of Alcohol or even a little grow your own seed gift.  These can all be tailored to the theme of your day with names and even with a little Thank You as well. 

 You could even go all out and make your own, be creative, bake some cookies and wrap them up in little coloured bags to match your theme and print a little label.  Make some chocolate hearts and wrap in gold foil, add a name tag as the name place.

 At the end of the day its your big day and no matter what you choose it will be an awesome day, one that family and friends will never forget.

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Have a great week & thanks again for reading!

Finding your wedding photographer - Part 2

Afternoon Guys,

Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend!

As promised here is Part 2 of finding your wedding photographer - Top 10 questions to ask

1. Availability for your wedding date

2. Do you offer an engagement shoot so we can get to know you and your style?

3. Packages and prices, what they include and are they flexible? (i.e. you may only want half day coverage but their package is full day coverage and do they have a second shooter)

4. Have you ever photographed a wedding at my venue before and if not would they be visiting the venue before the big day to look at photo opportunities and the surroundings?

5. What is your photography style?

Blog photo.jpg

6. Wedding sets, can we give you a list of specific photos we would like on the day?

7. Do you have a back up photographer for illness or emergencies?

8. How much deposit is required and when is final balance required by?

9. How will I receive my images and how long after the wedding will I receive these?

10. Are you insured?

I do hope you have found these questions useful




Don't miss it....

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Finding your wedding photographer

Finding the right photographer for you is very important, it is your big day and you want your memories to last a lifetime.

When looking for a photographer have in mind what style you would like whether it be contemporary and posed or if you would prefer the candid style.  

Being a photographer myself I always prefer to be on the other side of the lens, I'm not a big fan of having my photo taken however the photographer we chose made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. 

Most photographers offer an engagement shoot, you may not want one at the time but i would highly recommend this as you get to know the photographer and their style before you confirm your booking.  You wouldn't want to book them and then on your big day feel stressed and uncomfortable having your photos taken and just not liking them as a person. 

Ask them all about the packages they offer and if they can be tailored to your requirements, as every wedding is different. You may not want full day coverage, you may only want half day. 

I went with full day as I wanted pictures of my hair and make up being done and the little detailed shots of the jewellery and shoes etc, but every bride is different and has their own ideas of what they would like.

The photographer will want to go through the timings of your wedding day, this will help them in planning the photo's and how much time he has between each event of the day.

Check out the next edition where I will list a number of questions to ask your photographer to make sure you have everything covered.

Bridal Flowers

I feel wedding flowers should be quite high on the priority list of wedding planning as they do play an integral role in the overall design, theme and atmosphere of your wedding day.

Fresh wedding flowers are by far the most well known and most commonly used floral option for weddings. They not only look beautiful but they smell lovely too.

When choosing the types of flowers you would like in your bouquet think of colours you may want to include to match the theme of your wedding and remember to look for flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding, choosing flowers that are out of season are going to come at a much higher cost than flowers that are in season.

It’s also important to take note of just how sensitive fresh flowers can be to hot temperatures and direct sunlight, which may cause them to wilt.  If you are staying in a hotel and flowers are being delivered early in the morning and your wedding isn’t until the afternoon, see if they can store them somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight.

The picture below shows you some of the different styles of bouquets that brides tend to choose from.



For the bridesmaids and flower girls you may just want a corsage simple yet very pretty and can include flowers from the main bridal bouquet.


Don’t forget to include button holes for the groomsmen.  A nice rose with a green leaf is most common and always looks nice. However you may want to include a flower that is a part of the main bridal bouquet.

I hope you have found this useful and will help you when choosing your beautfull bouquet.

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Thanks for reading!

Choosing your Wedding Dress

Choosing my wedding dress was the most exciting and the most daunting day for me...

After getting engaged i used to sit with my phone and look at all the beautiful dresses out there but one thing that sat in the back of my mind was my weight and size.  All these dresses i was looking at were on models who were at least a size 8-10 and me being a size 22 i knew they just wouldn't fit right. 

I thought to myself,  i have a year and a half until my wedding day so lets try and shift the weight, so i upped my gym sessions and tried loads of diets and i wasn't seeing the results i had wanted, sure my shape changed a little from the gym exercise but not as much a i had hoped, but at least it was a start.

Being on the larger side was so daunting for me when looking where to go and try on dresses, as i know from some friends previous experiences they didn't cater for the larger girl.  I found that emailing Dress shops before deciding where to go helped me as at least i then knew if they could cater for me ahead of time.

I found a lovely dress shop called Wow Prom who sell Prom/Bridesmaids dresses and a lovely range of Wedding dresses too.  I took my mum and one of my best friends Laura with me, i knew they would give me their honest opinion and lets be honest who doesn't enjoy some girly time.  We arrived at Wow Prom to be met by Kate who straight away put me at ease, she was so lovely and accommodating.  Dress number one agreed by all in the room was a definite no and this was similar to one style i had thought would be nice.  Dress number two, at first glance i didn't like it, Mum and Laura said it was the one,  i really didn't believe them.  I tried it on and i was utterly surprised i loved it.  I felt like a princess, it was ivory in colour and had a corset back and sparkles.  Needless to say i said YES to the dress!

If i have taken one lesson from this experience its that yes everyone comes in different shapes and sizes BUT everyone is beautiful in their own special way and your family and friends love you for who you are. 

Enjoy shopping for your beautiful dress and no matter what just be true to yourself!


Save the Date Cards

Now you have set a date and booked your venue it’s time to send out Save the Date’s.

These are not always necessary but also not a bad idea as they give your guests a friendly head’s up.

For my save the date cards I liked to be a little creative and made my own, I also felt this added a personal touch.  You could turn it into an evening of girly fun like I did, get a few nibbles or a takeaway and some wine in and bounce some ideas around for your big day, your friends who may or not already be married might have some great ideas that you may not have thought about.

For those who have spare time

I took myself to hobby craft and had a good look round at ideas, I will be honest I was like a child in sweet shop.  I chose colour’s that I would be using for the wedding day and I love butterflies too so tried to incorporate these as an idea.

I bought a pack of cream card, some stamps and coloured ink pads and played around with some designs until I was happy. I went with a postcard design, but you could do smaller/larger or an actual card design.

I have listed guide prices below, as I know some brides are on a budget just as I was.

  • Picture and word stamps vary from £3 – £12 depending on individual or pack size.
  • 50 Sheets of card range from £2.50 - £5
  • Ink pads are £1 each and come in a range of colours
  • Standard 50 packs of envelopes are £4
  • Calligraphy pens these can be picked up for just £1

For those on the run

I would recommend sites such as Vista Print, Amazon and

All budgets can be tailored for.

You can add photos and personalise with the theme of your wedding day.

Using online print services will cost on average £4.99 for a standard card pack of 10, to personalise it can cost up to £18 for a pack of 10 (this does depend on size, thickness and personalisation of card)

I have added some wording ideas below which may be helpful to you when design your cards.

Always remember to add the guest’s names to the card to save confusion later on!


Please Save the Date

Simon and Jo are getting married!

Saturday 1st June 2019

Invitation to follow


Please Save the Date

Saturday 1st June 2019

To celebrate the wedding of

Simon & Jo

Langford Hotel, Glos.

Invitation to follow


Please Save the Date

For the wedding of

Simon Smith and Jo Lawrence

Saturday 1st June 2019

Langford Hotel, Glos.

Invitation to follow


All that’s left for me to say is have fun designing your cards it gets your creative thinking cap on and adds the personal touch in the lead up to your Big Day!

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Wedding Venue - Top 10 questions to ask

Now that you are engaged, booking a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will make on the lead up to your big day.

Wedding venues mean different things for different couples.  Some couples may just need a reception space for others it may be for both ceremony and reception.

Spaces themselves will differ; Hotels, churches, Barns, registry offices, these are just a few examples. 

I have put together 10 questions which i found really important when i got married last year and it really helped me choose the right venue and put my mind at ease.

1. What is the availability around our ideal dates?

2. What is the venue capacity? (ie Number of guests for ceremony and sit down meal & reception)

3. Do you offer packages, what exactly is included? (ie catering, decorations, evening DJ)

4. Is there any flexibility in taking elements from different packages?

5. Do you provide a wedding coordinator? (It's great to have a point of contact throughout for any updates or questions you may have)

6. Who will be running things on the day? 

7. What are the turnaround times (if we’re using the same space twice for ceremony/dinner/dancing?)

8. Can we block book rooms for our guests?

9. What are the terms of payment/when do we need to pay? (I paid instalments over 12 months which the hotel offered to us)

10. Do you have wedding open days so we can see the room set up as it would be on the wedding day? (I found this really useful myself as i was going for the gold package which was middle of the road but after seeing the venue all set up for the Platinum I paid the extra £300 as it made the room look that little but more extravagant)

I really hope you have found these questions helpful and Good Luck in finding the right venue for you!